I'm Nicholas Mercer; I live in Myrtle Beach, where I watch the second hand move and write code.

As we say down south, “Howdy, yall!”

My name is Nicholas, and since a wee little lad of around the age of seven, I've had an obsession with coding – you'd find me with books from the library sitting in front of a computer starting with BASIC on MSDOS 6.2 and then moving to C++; fast foward and life hasn't changed that much, the only difference is a change in scenery and a different set of programming languages.

Outside of sitting in front of a computer, I've got a multitude of other obsessions I'm sure you're likely to hear about on this site or see around my socials; being a dad, my amazing wife, video games, cats, remote controlled cars, planes/drones, photography, mountains, snow, disc golf, soccer & horology, tattoos, cats, toebeans, chonkers.. wait… got off topic on cats. 🙂

Real talk though; I've been incredible lucky in my life to work with several amazing agencies and companies, build some amazing projects, work with some brilliant clients & entrepreneurs, and currently am employed at a adventising agency focused in the travel industry.

Note: The views, opinions, and comments expressed on this site do not represent my employer, former employers, colleagues, friends, family, etc – just to you know, cover my bum.